by MakaRon

Sold Out
  • Released: 2020
  • Cat Num: HRZ 105
  • Format: Digital

This is an iconic release that acts like a legendary bridge between classic Polish punk rock and modern Canadian electronica. “Dubology” was released initially in 2003 on CD by Sławek Pakos’ label ‘W Moich Oczach’ (In My Eyes). Today the label is renamed ‘Manifaktura Legenda’. “Dubology” includes nine dubwise tracks, including the hit Polish language tune “Hidden Secret” with Jarex from Bakshish and the English language “Earth Orbit Speed Control Unit” sung by Ruta from Gedeon Jerubbaal. The album is now re-released digitally on Hyper Recordz and is already available in its entirety on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify.

“Dubology” was composed, arranged, recorded, dubbed & mastered by MakaRon at his home digital studio on Park avenue in Montreal, Quebec, Canada between the late 2002 & early 2003.

  1. Będę tu jutro wieczorem
  2. Almighty Dub Forever
  3. Everyday
  4. Welcome to Babylon Laboratory
  5. Only Kate Knows…
  6. Sekret Ukryty (feat. Jarex)
  7. Northern Dub
  8. Earth Orbit Speed Control Unit (feat. Gedeon Jerubbaal)
  9. Boreal Dub
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