Edward Island Dub Project

by Edward Island Dub Project

Edward Island Dub Project
  • Released: 2021
  • Cat Num: HRZ 109
  • Format: Digital

Edward Island Dub Project is a collaboration between a group of music-making friends who play in bands such as Inity Dub Mission, Gedeon Jerubbaal and Gomor. The recording session that resulted in this material took place on Edward Island – an island on Raczyńskie Lake near Zaniemyśl in Poland – in summer 2005.

The effect of the session is more than 40 minutes of pulsating dub, driven by hypnotic bass and supported by multicultural vocalizations. The album is in a way an artistic celebration of a friendship unifying people originating from different subcultures, but whose next common language of communication is music.

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  1. alpha
  2. another day
  3. mount zion
  4. sat-okh
  5. tylko nie mów nikomu
  6. vatican disease
  7. walking through babylon
  8. z Kompasem nie zbłądzisz
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