Hypernashion is a Polish-Canadian production and live music project based in Winnipeg, Canada. It started as a production duo of DJ Max (Paul Suszka) and Artoo (Artur Winogrodzki) in the Spring of 2006. Since then many musicians and producers have contributed to the project. Important contributing members throughout the years included DJ/producer Rob P (Robert Paprocki), guitarists Peter Czaplinski and Jacek Beimcik, and keyboardist Bogdan Bialy. Producers Bombah (Jamila Ezzahir) from Victoria, Canada and MakaRon (Mariusz Wawrzyniak) from Montreal, Canada have also contributed from afar. Hypernashion released their first EP “Płomień” (Flame) in the Summer of 2007 and their first full release “Free West” in the Spring of 2012. Since the Fall of 2010 Hypernashion has also performed live as a sound system and live musician combo. In particular 2013 was a successful year for the project as they performed at three major festivals throughout Manitoba.

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