One Consciousness

by Julian Burger

One Consciousness
  • Released: 2013
  • Cat Num: HRZ 102
  • Format: CD-R Digipak

“This album contains a variety of different styles. You can find here such genres as drum & bass, reggae, dub, world music, and even elements of metal, such as in the tune Everything Creation. It incorporates some really nasty solos.”

“Actually, I don’t even know myself what music genre this is. It’s kind of an “experiment from the ambiance of my home”. I combine different styles, because I love music a lot and, in my opinion, it should unite and not divide.”

Robal is featured on vocals on four of the tracks.

In 2013 “One Consciousness” was nominated in the category of “debut of the year” by an important Polish reggae music magazine “Free Colours”.

  1. You Are A Mirror
  2. Tree Of Life
  3. One Consciousness
  4. Odciski ft. Robal
  5. My Soul Is The Soul Of A Cricket
  6. Light In Mind
  7. Life Is Music
  8. Life Is A Moment
  9. Indian Dub Chant
  10. Heaven Is Here ft. Robal
  11. Heaven Dub
  12. God Is Love
  13. Give Me A Reason ft. Robal
  14. Everything Creation
  15. Dub Wind Blows
  16. Dub For My People
  17. Don Quixote ft. Robal
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