by Zoroastafari

  • Released: 2019
  • Cat Num: HRZ 104
  • Format: CD-R Digipack

Multi-Artist Inity Blends Cultures, Styles into Canadian Multicultural Soundtrack

It has been said that Canada is made up of a multitude of cultures, languages and traditions. The coming together of these different backgrounds makes for a richer and diverse life experience. The music world is also a mixture of different genres such as jazz, blues, and classical. These varying styles make for pleasing listening experiences as they often will mix with each other, creating new styles in their wake. Released early in 2018, the 16-track CD project Inity by Zoroastafari is a shining example of a unique blending of cultures and musical styles to come from the Winnipeg music scene. Recorded between 2012 and 2015, Inity unites the rap talents of Pucona, the smooth reggae sounds of Julian Burger, the bass and guitar stylings of JPL Retro Style and the techno-electronic tensions of Hypernashion. Three particular tracks on this disc definitely stand out. ‘Music of Love’ sounds haunting, but will also bring to the listener’s mind a vision of entering into a type of chill lounge complete with low lighting and bass music thumping in the background. ‘Milosc Dub’ has a sort of psychedelic leaning that brings to mind the original Pink Floyd line-up with Syd Barrett. `Broken Heart` is slightly jazzy/bluesy in tone at the beginning that draws the listener in further into the track. Inity definitely strikes a healthy musical balance between cultures and musical talents and makes the grade in terms of reflecting Canada`s values of a multicultural mosaic. Hopefully, preferably sooner than later, the public will get a chance to encounter the Zoroastafari experience sometime at a live performance.

Mike Kulasza, Chief Writer, Publisher and Administrator, Short Film Fan

  1. Lion in the Jungle
  2. Roots Man (ft. Pucona)
  3. Broken Heart
  4. Jah Creation
  5. Pragnienie
  6. Black Ark Pon De Bubble (ft. Pucona)
  7. Pyromaniac
  8. Music of Love
  9. Miłość Dub
  10. General Warning (ft. Pucona)
  11. Everything is a Truth
  12. Okna
  13. Roots Warriors
  14. Comfortably Broken
  15. Dub Creation
  16. Praise
  17. Bonus: Satellite (ft. Pucona and MakaRon)
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