Free West

by Hypernashion

Free West
  • Released: 2012
  • Cat Num: HRZ 101
  • Format: CD Digipak

The eclectic Hypernashion crew, with a Polish-Canadian pedigree, is based in Winnipeg; a city in the middle of the Canadian prairies. The album “Free West” was inspired by artists such as Adrian Sherwood, Moby, and the Orb; as well as classic reggae bands from Poland such as Izrael, Gedeon Jerubbaal, and Vavamuffin. On “Free West” you can also hear the echoes of Polish rock music from the eighties. While producing the album the band had support from Mariusz “MakaRon” Wawrzyniak – a former member of the 80s reggae band Gedeon Jerubbaal, with whom he continues to collaborate. On the CD you can hear contemporary dub, house, and jungle rhythms. In fact, Jamila “Bombah” Ezzahir operates primarily in the jungle style. Bombah was born in Krakow and is now stationed in Victoria, British Columbia. Bombah provided three remixes which can be found on “Free West”.

  1. Dead City (MakaRon meets Marek Ring Remix)
  2. Ciemne Pola
  3. Autobiography (MakaRon Remix)
  4. Blues for Julie (MakaRon meets Zadyma)
  5. Przeogromna Ziemio (MakaRon Remix)
  6. Dziewczyny z Tokyo (MakaRon Remix)
  7. Dead City (MakaRon vs Rob P Remix)
  8. Keep the Rhythm (MakaRon Remix)
  9. Robert Blues (MakaRon meets Marek Ring)
  10. When I Was a Little Boy
  11. Płomień
  12. Blisko i Daleko (MakaRon meets Zadyma)
  13. Psychotic Love
  14. Wędrowiec (MakaRon vs DJ Max Club Mix)
  15. Freedom in Babylon (Bombah Rmx)
  16. Dead City (MakaRon vs Bombah Reload)
  17. Wolny Zachód (ft. Bombah)
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